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For all enquiries, please contact our Head Office on:  +44 (0)1246 865988

Creating perfect orthotics every time

Blueprint orthotics are individual specific inserts hand crafted for each patient. Every orthotic is made by bespoke specialist – from cast to final finish – making a high quality product unattainable from a production line.


Now in our forth year of business, we are the only orthotics manufacturer in the UK where you can contact our dedicated craftsmen directly.


Contact Info

Blueprint Orthotics Ltd

Unit F, Coney Green Networking Centre



S45 9HX


Phone: 01246 865988



The benefits of Blueprint:

Materials and process

Our craftsmen create each pair of orthotics from scratch and so are perfectly tailored to each mould. we do not search a library for the best available match
"I've been using blueprint orthotics for 18 months now, and it's the individual touch which sets them apart. I can phone any time if i have a question and get feedback from the crafts men who is making the orthotics."